Sitemap - 2023 - Barnetto

“Waiting On The Word: A Poem A Day For Advent, Christmas and Epiphany”

“Nothing Gone Missing”

“The Golden City: A Story Of Love, Loss And Triumph Spanning Generations”

“Setting Sun Story, Book 1: Awash In Jealous Freedoms”

“Sunrise Gratitude: 365 Morning Meditations For Joyful Days All Year Long”

“Extraordinary Women With Cameras: 35 Photographers Who Changed How We See The World”

“Carl Sandburg: American Experience”

“Dangle Him Purposely: An Autobiographical Novel”

“The Broken Chain: The Ravenwood Hauntings Book 2”

“Haunted San Jose”

“Religion And Public Health During The Time Of COVID-19”

“Unfatally Dead: To Thaw Or Not To Thaw?”

“You Can’t Complete Me—But I Can!: A Self-Love Story”

“Deborah’s Gift”

"How The Word Is Passed: A Reckoning With The History Of Slavery Across America"

"In Old Hangtown"

"Remote For Life: How To Find A Flexible Job And Fast Forward To Freedom"

"War Bound From Stockton"

"Into The Shadow Realms: Book 1"

"Daddy, I'm Scared"

“Timmy: A Boy, An Era, A Family’s Desperate Journey”

“Yellowstone DNA: A Tale Of Wolves, Wildlife, And Humans”

“Firescaping Your Home: A Manual For Readiness In Wildfire Country”

“Rock My Soul: A Poet’s Heart, A Brokedown Palace, And A Final Fare-Thee-Well”

“Jews And Muslims In The White Supremacist Conspiratorial Imagination”

"Wants To Hunt A Bear"


"Snow After Fire: A Memoir Of The Paradise Camp Fire And Its Aftermath"

"Gerti's War: A Journal Of Life Inside The Wehrmacht"

"The Kingdom Of Dadria: The Blood Of Wolves And War"

"Following Breadcrumbs: Tales Of A Rock And Roll Girl Child"


"Stride Out"

"The Rosey View Of The World: One Woman's Journey Through The 20th Century"

"The Story Of Christianity Told As Good News For All"

"Missing In The Maldives"

"A Fickle Life"

"Intercept: The U.S. Navy's Intelligence-Gathering Ships ('Cold War Spy Fleet') 1961-1969, 1985-1989"

"Breaking Night: A Memoir Of Forgiveness, Survival, And My Journey From Homeless To Harvard"

"The Wisdom Of Hobbits: Unearthing Our Humanity At 3 Bagshot Row"

"Help! What Is My Purpose?: Understanding Life Purpose And How To Discover Yours"

"Heart-Land: Growing Up In The Middle Of Everything (Expanded Edition)"


"The Cat And The King"

"Science And Religions In America: A New Look"


"Horsemanship And Life: A True Story"

"Camp Fire: Day One – 'Rescue People And Don't Get Killed'"

"The Oosik"

"Spending The Winter: A Poetry Collection"

"Long Story Short: American Literary Fiction"