Sitemap - 2022 - Barnetto

"Reflections: 100 Hundred-Word Stories"

"The Cruelty Of Swallows: A Novel Of Life, Loss And Love"

"Hunting: A Cultural History"

"Cleopatra's Vendetta: A Stryker Thriller"

"Contracting For Services In State And Local Government Agencies: Best Practices For Public Procurement, Third Edition"

"Sleeping With Strangers: An Airbnb Host's Life In Lake Tahoe And Mexico"

"The Camp Fire In Books"

"A Stone Bled Dry"

"Matthew 25 Christianity: Redeeming Church And Society"

"Chico's Chapmans: The California Years 1861-1899"

"Generation Dread: Finding Purpose In An Age Of Climate Crisis"

"Don't Mess With Me Texas"

"Ernest Hemingway And Tony Oliva: A Tale Of How The Great Writer Helped The Great Ballplayer"

"Resurgam (Rise Again)"

North State Writers

"Ice In The Guise Of Fire"

"California Burning: The Fall Of Pacific Gas And Electric—And What It Means For America's Power Grid"

"Barefoot In Hells Canyon"

"The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir"

"Toe The Mark"

"Trek Tales: A Woman's Journey Of Self-Discovery Packing Llamas In The California Wilderness"

"The Tenderness Of Stone: A Memoir"

"I'm Not Ready For This (Everybody Just Calm Down And Give Me A Minute)"

"The Lost Boys Of Happy Valley College: A Novel"

"Particle Beam (For Such A Time)"

"Ellie And Her Elephant"


"The Trial Of Juan De La Cruz"

"Alvin Coffey: The True Story Of An African American Forty-Niner"

"The Corporate Weenie Almanac"

"Inspired To Be..."

"A Cruel Oblivion: A Tess Alexander Mystery"

"She's Missing"

"We'll Laugh About This (Someday): Essays On Taking Life A Smidge Too Seriously"

"Human Harvest"

"English Composition: Writing For An Audience (20th Anniversary Edition)"

"Running From The Fire"

"Your Faithful Brain: Designed For So Much More!"

"Joe And Me: A Love Story Of A Guitar And Her Boy"

"Unpacking The Trauma: How To Heal And Create A Life You Love"

"The Doomsday Medallion: A VanOps Thriller"

"Cartwheels: Finding Your Special Kind Of Smart"

"A Fickle Wind"

"The Victory Lap: Jack Yerman And His Incredible Journey To The Olympics And Beyond"

"Hope And Healing: A Dialogue On Ways To Recover From Trumpism And Covid-19"

"Watergate's Forgotten Hero: Frank Wills, Night Watchman"

"Invisible Wounds: Mental Illness And Civil War Soldiers"

"Earthly Delights: Poems"

"Lily's Lament"


"Sunroofs And Shoeboxes"

"Abandoned Chinatowns: Northern California"